Our hyperspectral database contains 1692 hyperspectral images of different synthetic and historical documents that have all been captured in two spectral ranges, VNIR (Visible and Near-Infrared, 400-1000 nm) and SWIR (Short-Wavelength Infrared, 900-1700 nm).

This database has been built with the objective of having a large repository of spectral information of inks, pigments and substrates used historically. Most of the database is composed of synthetic samples crafted in recent years with historical recipes, and the rest of the samples are captures of documents preserved in historical archives in Granada, Spain, dating from the 15th to the 20th centuries.

Detailed information about the different sets of documents captured for our database can be found in Full info document . Further details about each of the 1692 samples extracted from them can be found in [Excel].

All the samples are MATLAB R2023a compatible .mat files containing the spectral hypercube of the image and a set of metadata with information about them such as the device used for capture, exposure time, illumination, reference white used to obtain the reflectance, document's origin date and present materials. In addition, they are accompanied by a false RGB image and most of them also include their corresponding Ground Truth in order to facilitate segmentation work and the classification and identification of inks and pigments.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: The database is currently under construction. Right now you can only find a small part of the ‘Lab samples’ subset of the ‘Mock-up Samples’ set. In the upcoming months the page will be updated with new revised samples.

The database is stored in a Google Drive folder, accessible upon completion of the following form

In case of making any publication in which our database is used, please cite it using the reference provided for the following paper:

López-Baldomero, A. B., Valero, E. M., Reichert, A. S., Moronta-Montero, F., Martínez-Domingo, M. A., & López-Montes, A., (2024, April). Hyperspectral Database of Synthetic Historical Inks. In Archiving Conference 2024. Society for Imaging Science and Technology.

For any use of our database for commercial purposes, please contact us via email at --LOGIN--cbc70f46484e5bfcf2980ab265138ebaugr[dot]es