In the field of teaching we are involved in doctoral programmes, master programmes, courses and other activities related to color imaging. We have also been involved in the organization of several conferences including the 10th Congress of the International Colour Association in 2005, AIC Colour 05.

A unique international master on Computational Color and Spectral Imaging

COSI_logo Currently we are involved in the international Master Erasmus Mundus - "Computational Color and Spectral Imaging” - COSI+ JMD master. The COSI consortium is composed of University of Saint-Etienne (France), University of Eastern Finland (Finland), University of Granada (Spain) and University College Gjovik (Norway) and delivers the two-year Master programme (120 ECTS) under the prestigious Erasmus programme.

The 2-year Master Programme (120 ECTS) COSI aims to develop interdisciplinary trained experts in sectors encompassing intelligent image processing, colour, spectral and digital imaging in applied science and in applications development and analysis. The objective is to educate students in advanced methodologies, applied models and practical applications with 2 goals: enhance the employability and improve career prospects of graduates on one hand and meet the needs of industrials on the other hand.

COSI involves 4 EU HEIs as Full Partners: University Jean Monnet (UJM – France), University of Granada (UGR- Spain), University of Eastern Finland (UEF–Finland), Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU–Norway); Associated Industrial Partners: Technicolor, Hewlett-Packard, Ahlstrom-Munksjö, Océ Print Logic Technologies S.A., L’Oréal, Specim, Barco, Chromasens,…; HEIs in Asia and supporting Partners: Chulalongkorn University (Thailand), Monash University (Malaysia), Khulna University (Bangladesh), Tribhuvan University (Nepal), Institute of Technology Bandung (Indonesia), Technological University (Tajikistan), Universidad Nacional del Sur (Argentina)...

Master CIMET (Color in Informatics and Media Technology) and Master COSI (Color in Science and Industry) since 2008

The current COSI+ master was born in 2008 as the Erasmus Mundus International Master “Color in Informatics and Media Technology” CIMET. Few years later the master was modified and adapted to the industry needs, changing its name to master Erasmus Mundus COSI “Color in Science and Industry”. Recently the master has been renovated as Erasmus Mundus master COSI+ “Computational Color and Spectral Imaging”