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Our PhD. student Timo Eckhard defended his thesis


Timo Eckhard, defended his thesis and got the highest possible grade. We all congratulate him for his outstanding work.

Last Thursday July the 2nd, Timo Eckhard, who has been a PhD student here in the Color Imaging Lab during the last 4 years, defended his doctoral thesis named: “Design considerations for line scan multispectral camera systems”. The tribunal was composed by Javier Romero (UGR), Juan Luis Nieves (UGR), Miguel Ángel López (HP, Spain) and John Hardeberg (GUC, Norway). Timo was graded with the maximum score possible during tribunal deliberation, and finally he got the Cum Laude mention. All members of this Color Imaging laboratory congratulate Timo for his outstanding work during these years and wish the best for his future successful career.